Something Big Launched

On Thursday 26th April, the urban chic ladies were invited to the launch of “something big” at the Radisson Blu in Lusaka. Theme, stated Blue and Magenta. We were of course excited to see what the something big was, but of course we had heard a rumor or two on what it was.


Three BIG things were in essence launched by CEC liquid.

  1. The Launch of phase three of the 4G LTE lite speed internet in 160 site, bringing the total connected sites to 202. CEC had first launched 12 pilot site in Lusaka in November of 2016, and an additional 30 site in phase two covering Lusaka and the copper-belt in 2017.
  2. The Next big thing was the launch of the 4G sim card. so that if customers choose, they can buy sim cards and use any device of their choice to access the $G internet.
  3. Reduced data prices with the introduction of even smaller bundle options. this puts the rates at the lowest data prices yet on the market.

As bloggers and therefore constant and heavy internet users, we were pleasantly excited by this triple threat offering by CEC liquid. The test wifi we had in the building was super fast and so consistent, there was definitely no buffering there. For more information check out their website or Facebook page.

The soiree itself was well attended with various stakeholders showing face. The flow of the program was simple and easy and the crowd was kept happy and entertained. This is definitely how corporate events should be.



Love J & N


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A Black and Gold Affair

Urban Chic Loves April, because one of the directors is an April baby yes, but also because April kicks off the unofficial party season in Lusaka. And what better way to throw you into event season than with a glamorous exclusive birthday hang to celebrate Ms. Sombo’s 2nd sixteenth birthday.

The setting was the fabulous Roma Place Apartments.

Decor was by the ever talented Mwape Mbewe Chisenga who also did the gorgeous decor for the baby shower the urban chic ladies attended last year, and shared here.

The Ladies of Urban Chic wore outfits by the ever talented Pellen of Pellen Couture and Tiptronic Media covered the event.



Love J & N


Why an LBD this Valentines

Happy Valentines day,

And it happens to fall on a Wednesday no less. So this year its definitely all about the ladies.

We at Urban Chic are so in love with the LBD. Especially this year, we have a sneaky feeling you might be seeing a whole lot of Little black dress on Ngosa and Jayne. And these are a few reasons why.

1. Versatility

So a little… Or not so little black dress is wearable just about anywhere and for any occasion really. From casual, to semi-formal and extremely formal… If there is such. They can be dressed up or down and viola, you are dressed head to toe.

2. You will get your moneys worth.

Because your LBD is so versatile, you will definitely get your moneys worth because you will wear it everywhere and anywhere. We recommend splurging on your dress so that you get the most wear out of it.

3. It is your go-to

When it doubt ladies… Pull out that black dress and rock it. Did we mention its versatility?

4. Do something Different this Valentines

So we love Valentines right. All the red roses, champagne and red outfits. If you going out tonight… Try something different. Wear an LBD. You are guaranteed to turn heads and you won’t be stuck with a red dress you fail to wear on any other day except valentines and Christmas. Trust us on this one. Bring in color with your makeup, purse, heels and other accessories if you want to stay in the red theme.

5. Black looks good on just about anyone

Black look good on almost all skin tones, and just about any size. Its slimming of course and hides a multitude of sins from spilt wine to makeup smudges.

In the pics. Jayne and Ngosa dress up their LBDs for an early evening dinner and drinks. With nude pumps and bags.

Do you like LBDs? Do share with us how you wear yours in the comments.

Love J & N

Photocred: Tiptronic Media



Ever desired to do something so desperately, but never got around to it because you were terrified or uncomfortable?! Well, we at Urban Chic have a lot of those moments… constantly almost. We concoct things we want to do or pursue and achieve, we come up with an execution plan and then we freeze. Like,

“Oh damn, what if we fail?

What if people hate it?

What if they laugh at us?”

It is a whole lot of other “what ifs”,

Sometimes voiced to each other, sometimes voiced to people outside of the two of us, and sometimes just internalized. But one thing that both of us have had to learn to do over the past two years of working together is to push ourselves and each other beyond what we thought we could do.

The general questions we ask ourselves are,

“What’s the worst that can happen?” fine, we fail, so what? At least we can say we tried. Even at the point of failure, like really what’s the worst that can happen?”

So what if people laugh, or hate? Are we doing it to please people or to achieve what we set out and our purpose? Don’t worry about people… if you do not have a few haters in your life then you are definitely doing something wrong.

One thing we have come to learn and appreciate is that great things do start to happen beyond our comfort zone… fun things even. Like this amazing shoot we had with Tiptronic Media. The outfits were definitely not our usual everyday wear. The gowns were conceptualized by us and tailored by Pellen Couture, and even just that was outside the norm for us. Then the Location was SCARY!!

We shot in the central business district and it was roughJ. Shop owners calling us Beyoncé wannabes, call boys try to charge us for standing along Cairo road, and motorists almost driving into each other. But it was an exhilarating experience, and the pictures did not turn out too badly after all.







The most important thing however, nobody even laughed! A lot of times we box ourselves in based on what we think others – we have no business worrying about even – will think, feel or react. Half the time those people have no bearing on your life, no idea we even thinking of them and/or they even end up supporting you anyways.

Ever had to push yourself beyond your comfort zone lately? Share with us your experience and/or lessons.

Costume Design – Urban Chic

Shoot Direction – Urban Chic

Photography – Tiptronic Media

Love J & N

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Urban Chic Powered up!!

Welcome to February Doll,

We are kicking off this month with an exciting announcement guys. Jayne and Ngosa are taking Urban Chic to the airwaves too. We have Urban Chic on Power Fm 91.3 in Lusaka. We are gonna be on air from 09:30hrs every Saturday.

Urban chic on Power Fm is gonna be an up tempo and fun show covering insights on fashion’s latest trends, Hair and Beauty and of course we are gonna share the coolest and hippest places to eat, and/or hangout around Lusaka and the country at large. Do not forget to tune in every Saturday.

So we did a shoot for some promotional images. See pictures below.






For this look, we went very chill with basic t-shirts and blue jeans. This is definitely a classic look that anybody can rock, male or female. We dressed up ours with heels, and face-beats but, you can tone it down with sneakers or flats and more subtle makeup

Love J & N


Glam Beauty Looks

2018 has  been quite the busy year at Urban Chic. We have a few very exciting programs beginning February, and to that end we spent last weekend, shooting some promotional images that we will be sharing as the official announcements get going.

For our shoots, we went with a glam and bold feel to our makeup. Because… well, nobody ever accused Urban Chic of being minimalists Glam was the word with a bold eye and even bolder lip.

Jayne’s Look: Pro girl primer | Revlon Foundation in Toast | Huda eye brow gel | Huda beauty eye-shadow | Revlon Mascara | Revlon Pressed powder for contour | Banana powder for highlight|Classic blinks eyelashes | Ruby Woo lipstick |

Ngosa’s look: Mac Foundation and pressed powder in NC 50| Elf Brow gel | Huda Beauty eye-shadow| Revlon Mascara | iridescent powder in Mac for High light|Classic blinks eyelashes | Ruby Woo lipstick |


Styling : Urban Chic

Photography : Tiptronic Media

Jayne and Ngosa.

Contact us for your makeup bookings on +260962 779463 | +260961 876789

Urban Crush Wednesday

Ruth Mooto and her Perfect Stitch

Ruth K Mooto founder and proprietor of My.Perfect.Stitch

We kick off our first post of 2018 by celebrating an amazing woman who is a doll to us at Urban Chic. We are crushing on the driven and super inspirational Ruth K Mooto. Wife, mother, Woman of God, and business woman extraordinaire, and not forgetting incredible friend.

“My perfect Stitch,” seemed to just explode onto the Zambian market and social media scene, which all culminated into a New Faces New Voices Zambia award for ‘Most Promising Emerging Entrepreneur.’’

She started My Perfect Stitch as a way to cover up a gap left from quitting her job. So many people discouraged her decision to leave a government Job for the sake of her family around 2016, but that didn’t stop her. Fast forward to 2017 and her brand “My perfect Stitch,” seemed to just explode onto the Zambian market and social media scene, which all culminated into a New Faces New Voices Zambia award for ‘Most Promising Emerging Entrepreneur.’ The signature and Star piece of the brand being the killer off-shoulder chitenge happy Dress. Fun to wear and impeccably tailored, Ruth is the undisputed Queen in its creation. The brand however also boasts ready to wear clothes, and the My Perfect Stitch Home wing features custom African inspired home furniture and accessories.


2016 and 2017 were very intentional she says. I knew I wanted to learn, to grow and to achieve, so I deliberately took steps towards that. At the beginning of last year, I did launch at Bongohive, and that set the pace for the year. It taught me what a business should look like and how it should operate.

On who inspired her and influenced her this past year.

I have been keeping my eyes open and trying to decide what type of woman I want to be. So in January 2017, I went to a birthday dinner where a few amazing women like Mrs. Norena, Mrs. Donna, Mrs. Penny Mapoma and Mrs. Mungomba were invited. As I listened to them speak, I saw that a lot of things are achievable. I also recognized myself and who I wanted to be in that room. So I connected with some of them, and they have been major influences, especially Mrs. Norena. The most important thing she has taught me is to develop mental strength and keep it moving when things aren’t going my way.

‘’ Sometimes we see a problem because we are meant to be a solution.’’

Dr. Thulani, another of my mentors made me realize that sometimes we see a problem because we are meant to be a solution. So I have learnt to try and think outside the box and find solutions where before I only saw solutions.

On the type of woman she is and is trying to be.

2017 taught me to say a lot of nos. the woman I am is tied to my business too. I said a lot of yeses starting out, even to things I wasn’t comfortable with. It also led me to running my business Gods way. Meaning I won’t take or give bribes, I have to be diligent, honest and so on. I have committed this to myself, and so when I have gone off track it’s easy to recognize and check myself.

On the biggest lessons in Business so far

It’s OK to fail, it’s OK to cry when I fail, but, I have to dust myself off, examine where I went wrong and fix it, change it and keep on pushing.

Also I have learnt to celebrate me and be proud of myself for the things I have done well or achieved.

On the coolest thing I did via MPS

Travelling was awesome in 2017.  When I was setting 2017, travel was not in my plans, But the travel happened, and all expenses were covered by my business so that was a great space and experience.