Cobalt and Red Highlights

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, But what makes it new is the way you put it together.”

              – Carolina Herrera –

What do you do when you get a little sun in June in the southern hemisphere? You pull out your summer brights and have brunch… Yes even inside the week.

Ngosa and I went out to brunch and we’re eager to throw away the sweaters and show off a little skin. We knew the sun was only out for a while so we made the best of it.

Still in the theme of styling similar pieces, the focus of our outfits were the cobalt blue headwraps and the little red sling bags. 

I went with a vintage cream skirt which I wore high waist and a Tshirt which I knotted in the back to make a crop effect – because I live for crop-tops. My go to shoe is a pointy pump because we had a styling appointment after and needed to look dressed up.

Jayne wearing | Urban Chic Headwrap | Vintage skirt | Lol Shoetique heels | Gifted bag | serazy Earrings and Bangles |

Ngosa wearing | Urban Chic Headwrap | Highwaist beige pants | lace crop top | Atmosphere sandals | Gucci Bag  | Serazy Earrings |

Ngosa styled her red bag and cobalt wrap with high waist nude pants which worked perfectly for her petite figure. The pants give the illusion of a curvier butt which she wanted. And a black custom crop top. She pulled the look together with red sandal heels.

Styling – Urban Chic 
Photography – Lewis of Finch Media

Love J & N


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