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Oh So Heavenly: Hair Sensations

“Fragrance – a Pleasant or sweet odor”

    – Urban Dictionary –

The cold season is fully settled in Zambia, and with it comes the flurry of protective styles among the ladies… and some gentlemen. Weaves are out, braids are installed, crochet hair is in, and everything else in between. These styles are kept in for anything between two to six weeks, and although gorgeous and great for protecting hair, they do tend to smell off after a week or so.

So the Directors at Urban Chic were super thrilled to receive the Oh So Heavenly – Hair Scentsations from 360Deals. These are hair perfumes that are made to specifically keep all forms of extensions, and even natural hair smelling sweet all the time. The pack had two of the three hair Scentsations flavors that are produced. Ngosa picked the “Happy days” flavor and Jayne got the “Paradise escape.

In the two weeks that followed the two hair scents were put to the test;

Jayne Says:

Hair Scent – Paradise Escape

I loved the tropical elements to the Paradise Escape hair perfume. It blended well with the coconut oil I use in my hair regularly and was effective in dull-ing that coconut scent that some in my household do not always appreciate. However it was never overpowering. I used it every day for a few days then realized the scent lingers, meaning by week two, I only had to use it every other day. The smell is sweet but not overpowering and I could still pick up and cuddle with my two year old son without him getting affected or having a sneezing fit. The best part however is it lasts for a long time. One month down the line and the bottle is still not even half full yet.

Ngosa says:

Hair Scent: Happy Days

I really like sweet girly and floral scents, so this one was right up my alley. I loved that it dulls the stale smells of other products I use in my hair. I use it a lot and it stays on my hair the whole day. For me the best part is that I can cuddle up to my man with my weave or braids without being self-conscious that my hair smell funky. They are made from natural extracts and so my skin never reacted from it too. Did I mention the bottle is small and cute enough to fit into my makeup bag with no drama.


So the hair Scentsations get a five star rating from Urban Chic.

Get your 100mls bottle at only k70 from 360Deals

Photography by Ashara media

Love J & N


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