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The Back Story

Urban Chic is a full house styling company that caters to all your styling needs. It is run by its two co-founders and directors, Jayne M. Mwanza and Ngosa A. Mwape. The two ladies and friends love fashion in their own unique ways. They worked on various jobs together styling clients, doing makeup and directing shoots, before they decided to merge up and work under one brand. Urban Chic has been fully operational for about a year now, although was registered in 2014.

Who are Jayne and Ngosa?

Jayne is a wife, and mum of one son. she is also a student pursuing her MBA in International Business. She is a banker by day and is head of styling a Urban Chic, and also doubles as a plus size model. She loves personal style because it was hard for her to initially dress her plus size curvy body growing up. Her aim at Urban Chic is to show that anyone at any size, career or stage in life can look good and build confidence, simply by picking the right clothes for you.


Ngosa is a mum of two boys and a major creative.She is the Managing Director and Director of Beauty at Urban Chic. She is also a  makeup artist. She Loves makeup and believes everyone man and woman can enhance their look with just a few touches of a brush. Ngosa loves creating beautiful spaces, clothes and ambiance. Ngosa wants everyone’s experience at Urban chic to be one of inner beauty, confidence, excellent service and for clients to walk away feeling and looking their best.

Why Urban Chic?

Jayne: Because we feel urban Chic is a true representation of who Ngosa and I are, but also the clients who we cater to. We are women and men, in the urban jungle just trying to make it and juggling so many roles. We are mothers, employees, career women, entrepreneurs, community leaders… the list goes on. But under all that we both have a passion for fashion and personal style. We wanna look good doing whatever it is we need to do from one day or job to the next. We wanna be chic!

Ngosa: We also want to show that its doable, looking at Jayne and myself, we are polar opposite. Physically shes more fully figured, and I am petite. Shes more academic, I am creative. She wouldn’t be caught dead without her nails done and for me, I wont leave the house without my makeup on. Shes corporate am more So we compliment each other but are also a representation of real life women.


Whats the Main purpose of the blog?

The blog is our way of sharing our lives and passions. Every woman goes through pretty much the same stuff but in different ways. Yes the main focus maybe fashion but its much more. Its a lifestyle, Its a struggle, Its budgeting, Its a sisterhood!! we want to share, but we also want to learn, that’s why feedback from our leaders is sooo important. It is also why we do the “Urban Crush Wednesday Segment.”

On the blog we try to sharing what we are wearing, and where we got it from, because our closets aren’t full of expensive designer pieces. That’s just to show – you can look good at any budget. We share where we hangout, who we interact with, and lessons we learn. Its important for us that we grow together. So if even just one person reads the blog and takes a lesson or an idea to better their life, business or situation then we are happy.





Whats next for Urban Chic?

For now we are just budding, so we are assimilating and learning and building. The hope is to post more, learn more, share more and grow more. We also want to share more of other women and men’s stories. The blog will hopefully become a quarterly publication from 2018, and many other projects we will share eventually.



Is there more you would like to see on the blog? Any suggestion/nominees for Urban Crush Wednesday segment? Or you just want share anything with us? Get in touch by commenting below, fill out the contact section, or email us directly on We are dying to hear from you.

Photography: Finch Media

Location: Bwiji Mfumu Chongwe

Outfit Details: Jayne |Thrifted Kimono | MRP crop top | Asos Tights | New Look heels |

                          Ngosa  \ Dolce n gabbana Kimono| MRP body Suit | Jeans | New Look heels|


Yours in Chicness

J & N


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