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Fashion For Brunch 2017


The Fashion for Brunch is an exclusive annual brunch created and hosted by the amazing ladies of Mafashio. The purpose of the Brunch is “to bring together the fast growing Zambian fashion blogging community. It is meant to be used as a platform to interact, bond, and take loads of fabulous pictures.”

2017 saw the brunch in its third edition, and we must say it has grown, from the first time it was hosted in 2015 at Intercontinental Hotel. This time around the was held at Meraki and included a great combination of new and upcoming bloggers, stylists, illustrators and other content creators.

The decor was fabulous as to be expected of these two ladies and the food was so delicious. Vodafone Jump was there to give us super fast internet and also because they are invested in supporting local businesses, talents and initiatives especially of young people. Also Present were representatives of The Zambia Fashion Week, as the brunch was exactly seven days to the biggest fashion event in Zambia.

The Socialite Lulu Hangala gave a brief chat on pushing our dreams and the importance of the bloggers and content creators even though they are seen to be on the fringes of the fashion industry.


There is fashion for brunch is not complete without a special bow to the cool fashions the attendees choose to bless us with, and this is our favorite part. This is a classic representation of the street style on the Lusaka streets….

Jayne and Ngosa of urban Chic both in Pellen Couture, Chitenge Ruffled sleeve Top and Dress respectively
Sekayi and Tukiya of Mafashio, the hosts
Marian, Yuma and Tapiwa



Chilombo Kakoma – Blogger


Bloggers – Peter and Taonga


Photography by Kwitu

Yours in chicness

J & N


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